Understanding Which CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Is Right for Your Shop

A CNC controller

Having a quality CNC plasma cutting machine in your shop is key is to delivering impeccable workmanship for your clients. And just like steel fabrication comes in many shapes and sizes, so too do the plasma cutting tables designed for each type of fabrication. Which is best for your shop depends on your particular specialty.

Flat Plate Cutting

Metal plates are required in a range of profitable industries, including bridge building and shipbuilding. Ensure precise craftsmanship and on-time deliveries of flat plate fabrication with a heavy-duty CNC plasma cutting machine that can handle the workload. This may mean making a bigger investment in a better quality table with more state-of-the-art features, but the extra costs are worth the peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable tool on your side.

The burn table in your fabrication shop should be designed by the manufacturer for a specific application so that you can make the most of your investment. CNC plasma cutting systems can be customized for:

• Small to medium fabrications
• High-precision fabrications
• Structural steel fabrications

Fabricating precisely shaped metal plates can be a lucrative skill, and you can stay ahead of your competition with a properly engineered CNC plasma cutter that improves the quality and turnaround time of your work by automating the fabrication process. There’s a CNC plasma cutting table for fabrication shops serving nearly every industry, including:

• Construction and bridge building
• Shipbuilding
• Oil and gas
• Mechanical
• Aerospace and defense
• Agriculture and forestry
• Industrial

A reputable burn table manufacturer will be experienced in engineering CNC plasma cutting tables for fabrication shops serving these industries, so be sure to make the right choice to meet your company’s high standards of service.

Key Features to Look For

Are you looking for that next level of CNC plasma cutting machine for your shop but are still narrowing down your options? Here are some key features to look for in a quality burn table:

• Powerful plasma source – Opting for a powerful and reliable plasma source will ensure your system can meet the demands of your production.
• Automated software – The CNC software should be easy to use but also smart enough to automate the fabrication process.
• Full contour beveler – Add flexibility to your fabrication capabilities with a multi-axis bevel head.

Another factor to consider is support. Some CNC plasma cutting machines include self-diagnostics, making preventative maintenance easy and ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Custom Fabrication Solutions

At Machitech, we’ve got a CNC plasma cutting table for any type of steel fabrication, each custom designed for our customers. Our machines feature powerful Hypertherm plasma and user-friendly CNC controls, and they come with lifetime support. Contact us today to learn more.