What Are the Different Types of Plasma Cutters Used on CNC Tables?

A plasma cutter in action

While machined-controlled plasma cutting tables are designed for a particular process—fabricating metal—different types of plasma are utilized on various systems. Which plasma source is right for your CNC table depends on the products you manufacture and your work volume. Let’s review some common types of plasma:

Air Plasma

Air plasma tables are ideal for low-volume manufacturing and are often used on entry level steel fabrication machines.

Oxygen Plasma

Oxygen plasma offers a step up in quality from air plasma and is often utilized by mid-range fabrication shops.

High-Definition Plasma

For steel service centers and other shops specializing in high-volume processing, high-definition plasma is the optimal choice. This option also delivers the best quality fabrications.

CNC Plasma Cutters

CNC plasma cutters can produce repeatable quality cuts when compared to a handheld process. Indeed, these state-of-the-art burn tables are designed for impeccable craftsmanship and are therefore a vital resource for any kind of steel fabrication.

How Do They Work?

CNC stands for “computer numerical control” and is used to describe an automated process. Rather than risking damage to the material by fabricating freehand with a handheld torch, steel fabricators use CNC software to program a multi-axis bevel to perform the necessary work. Potential issues with the shape or profile can be identified in the software before fabrication begins, preventing wasteful mistakes. In fact, CNC systems often work in conjunction with CAM (computer aided machining) and CAD (computer aided design) software to deliver precise fabrications.

Impacts on Steel Fabricators

Not only can CNC plasma cutting tables improve the quality and output of work of every manner of steel fabrication, but it can also benefit fabrication shops in other ways. For instance, thanks to automated operation, these types of plasma cutters typically only require one technician to operate, helping to reduce labor costs. Some, particularly industrial-size tables designed for fabrication of oversized materials, can also minimize material handling, reducing the risk of damage to the raw product and improving safety in the shop.

The Leader in Automated CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

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