What Customers Look for in a Metal Fabricator

a CNC cutting machine inside a custom fabrication shop

If you’ve dipped your toes into metal fabrication work and are considering making it a career, you may be wondering how to be successful at it. After all, there is no shortage of custom fabrication companies out there—how do you stand apart? The key, as with any business, is customer service. To ensure you are able to meet your customers’ demands, you need the right equipment in your shop. For instance, a CNC plasma cutting table, oxy-fuel cutter, or waterjet cutting machine can help ensure the quality of your product and your on-time deliveries. Here are some common expectations that businesses have for metal fabrication services and how automated cutting technology can help you meet them:

Fabrication Capabilities

There is demand for custom metal fabrication work across nearly every industry, including oil and gas, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, construction, and more. Think about what type of products you want to produce. For example, are you content with mass-producing components for equipment or beams for new buildings? Or do you prefer to let your creative side shine by crafting business signs, ornate staircases, and other unique products? When you have a clear picture of what your custom fabrication shop will specialize in, you can find the right CNC cutting table to support your efforts and begin looking for those types of jobs.

Quality Work

A paying customer will expect a well-crafted product. And that means more than just clean cuts—sometimes there are tolerance, functionality, and other measures that need to be met. These parameters may be industry standard, regulatory requirements, or custom requests from the client. CNC plasma cutting machines and similar metal fabrication technology are automated to produce perfect results. All the specifications can be programmed into the CNC software, and then the automated operations take over. This state-of-the-art equipment ensures precision on every cut, delivering consistent quality to your customers.

On-Time Deliveries

Another important aspect of customer service and retaining business is hitting your deadlines. Oftentimes, your clients will have their own schedules to adhere to, and any delay in the metal fabrication process can affect their timelines. You don’t want to be the reason why your client’s project has stalled! An automated CNC plasma, waterjet, or oxi-fuel cutter will keep your production on schedule (automated cutting technology will always outpace fabricating with a handheld torch), ensuring that you can keep pace with your client’s deadlines.

A Long-Term Relationship

Though one-off projects are certainly common, there are plenty of companies who need ongoing custom fabrication work. These companies are happy to stick with one fabricator they can trust to get all their jobs done, rather than waste time and resources constantly shopping their projects around. With the support of state-of-the-art CNC metal fabrication equipment, you can be their trusted resource and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your custom fabrication business will be busy for the long term.

Where to Find CNC Plasma Cutting Tables & Other Custom Fabrication Solutions

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