How the Machitech Automation Waterjet Cutting System Improves Operation and Boosts ROI

Waterjet cutting is the ultimate cutting technique when you want versatility in a single unitized system. Customers also appreciate that there is no heat-affected zone due to cold cutting in water. Waterjet systems capture dust, debris and particles in the water and then filter them out unlike downdraft systems, making them a more “eco-friendly” choice. At Machitech Automation, our waterjet systems are specially designed for high prevision cutting on a heavy unitized frame. Our systems are completely customizable and the frame can be increased in size should your needs grow. Every aspect of our systems is designed with the customer in mind, always ensuring exceptional accuracy and cut quality.

Machitech Automation utilizes high-end KMT waterjet products for a range of applications – from entry level to custom. Our waterjet systems are particularly easy to use and contain 10 times less components than other systems. This may sound like a bad thing but it is a significant advantage. When there are more components there are more things that may be confusing to use or that can break down at any time. Fewer components means lower maintenance and lower operation costs.

Many customers love to invest in a waterjet system because it can cut a wide array of materials with minimal risk of warping or damage due to heat because it is cut under water. Materials that can be cut with our waterjet system complete with KMT waterjet cutting nozzle include copper, brass, aluminum, steel, titanium, glass, ceramic, quartz, stone, reinforced plastics, alloys, concrete, rubber and more! Our systems utilize an integrated torch break-away system. Additionally, there are different pump capacities available. KMT intensifiers cut faster, less expensively and have a longer uptime. Because productivity is dramatically increased and material waste is significantly reduced, there is a fast return on investment with waterjet systems.

Machitech Automation waterjet systems, just like our laser and plasma cutting systems, come complete with state-of-the-art CAD drawing and CAM cutting software. Additionally, when you invest in one of our systems, you get part program support (PPS), remote help, auto gas support, a 2 year warranty and more! When all is said and done, customers want to know that they will be well-taken-care-of throughout the purchasing process and after, and they want to know that their system will improve operations, thus providing a good return on investment. This could not be more true of the Machitech Automation waterjet cutting system.