The Advantages of Waterjet Cutting for Precision

A water jet cutter

Waterjet cutting has emerged as a preferred method for precision metal fabrication in various industries due to its numerous advantages over other technologies like plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. This process utilizes an intense stream of high-pressure water to cut through metal plates, with the addition of abrasives for enhanced cutting strength. Waterjet cutting machines employ an intensifier pump to pressurize the water and direct it through a small opening, creating a highly pressurized stream of water that exits the nozzle at remarkable speeds to slice through the metal plate.

Tracking the Advantages

So why has waterjet cutting become the preferred option for certain industries? Here are some reasons:

Improved Quality

One of the primary advantages of waterjet cutting machines is the superior cut quality they deliver. Unlike other methods that generate intense heat, waterjet cutting is a cold-cutting process. By eliminating the heat-affected zone (HAZ) on the material, waterjet cutting machines can produce smoother cuts that are free from blemishes caused by heat exposure from torches or lasers.

Better Accuracy

Waterjet cutting also enables more accurate processing, thanks to its ability to create a thin kerf. This allows for the precise cutting of detailed contours and shapes, making it ideal for fabricating intricate and complex profiles. Some waterjet cutting machines even come equipped with a 3-D machining head, further expanding the possibilities for precision cutting.

Waste Reduction

Another significant advantage of waterjet cutting is the reduction in wasted materials. The thin kerf allows uncut parts to be nested closely together, optimizing the utilization of raw materials and minimizing scrap production. Moreover, water can be recycled in a closed-loop system and drained after proper filtration. The garnet abrasive often used in the process is also nontoxic and can be safely recycled or disposed of.

Thicker Plates

Waterjet cutting excels in processing thick plates, which sets it apart from many other metal fabrication systems. While many systems can only handle plates up to 1.5 inches thick, waterjet cutting machines can fabricate plates up to 8 inches thick. This capability makes waterjet cutting an ideal solution for processing oversized materials in various industries.

Increased Safety

As a cold-cutting process, waterjet cutting does not generate fumes, smoke, or hazardous airborne particles that could pose health risks to operators. This makes waterjet cutting a safer option compared to other methods.

Enhanced Versatility

Waterjet cutting machines also offer versatility in applications, making them a popular choice across industries. These machines can be customized to suit various unique requirements, further expanding their potential applications in fabrication processes.

Offering Customized Waterjet Cutting Systems

Machitech offers custom cutting solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, and our custom waterjet cutters are designed for high-precision cutting of all types of non-ferrous material. We can customize our state-of-the-art solutions to fit any production demands, and since our machines require a single operator, they can significantly reduce production costs.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team about the waterjet cutting systems we offer, contact Machitech today to schedule a free consultation.