Use a Water Jet for High Precision CNC Cutting

Water Jet cutting is an incredibly popular tool in metal fabrication because of its versatility.  Machitech Automation has a state-of-the-art water jet cutter that offers versatility in a unitized system.  Research has been conducted to determine what the best technology is for cutting metal and, many studies such as one from ScienceDirect has found, water jet is the best for many metal fabrication shops, “After analysing the results, I found that the most efficient way of cutting metal was by using the technique of water jet technology. This is supported by the following proposals: The first that water jet cutting is the most versatile method for the separation of materials, and that this technique can cut through almost any material such as steel, stone, ceramics, aluminium, glass, wood, plastics, laminates, etc. There is no limit related to current conductivity and reflection of light. The second is that this method of cutting is an environmentally friendly process that does not produce any harmful fumes. The only materials used are water and the abrasive. The third is that the water jet technique can cut thick as well as thin materials which is not the case with other methods which are only successful when cutting to a certain thickness. The fourth is that compared to laser and plasma cutting, water jet cutting material is a method by which there are no thermal deformation of the cut material. The fifth is that the structure of the cut surface’s hydro-abrasive technique is of a very high quality in that the edges are rounded and the burr is virtually non-existent.”

Machitech Automation’s Water Jet is specially designed for high precision cutting on a heavy unitized frame that can be increased in size as the customer’s needs grow.  It boasts an innovative inverse rail system and bellows protection and produces exceptional accuracy and cut quality.  There are a variety of standard dimensions available including 10’ x 5’, 12’ x 6’, 10’ x 20’ and custom dimensions are available as well.  It has a cutting speed of 0 to 500 IPM related to the process and power source.  As it is a water jet cutting system, it supports a waterbed and the gantry is 6’’ x 8’’ steel that is fully machined.  As mentioned, the Machitech Automation Water Jet cutting system boasts inverted rails which are highly accurate.  The CNC controller is an Edge Pro CNC controller that operated on a Windows-based system.  The cutting system comes with a 15’’ glass touch screen and 2 USB port and network connection as well as up to 1GB in memory.  The CNC controller is protected under a 2 year warranty to provide peace of mind.  The Water Jet is capable of cutting material up to 4’’ in thickness.  We suggest Hypertherm Cam Solutions ProNest for nesting software.  Additionally, the system is available with options such as a camera, electronic raise/lower system, ink jet or dot peen marker, removable trays for easy cleanout (waterbed or down draft), and security system (pull cord and light curtain).  For the ultimate in versatility and accuracy, opt to install a Machitech Automation Water Jet cutting system in your metal fabrication shop.