Water jet Applications

A waterjet cutter in action

Automated water jet cutting is just one of the advanced cutting technologies offered by Machitech Automation.  Our water jet systems offer versatility in a unititzed system.  They are specifically designed for high-precision cutting on a heavy unitized frame which can be increased in size as the customer’s needs grow.  Our water jet systems boast an innovative inverse rail system and the systems just provide exceptional accuracy and cut quality.  Water jet cutting is achieved by mixing water with an abrasive grit and highly pressurizing it then propelling it through a small nozzle so that the stream erodes the material where cutting is needed, rather than melting it like plasma or laser. Because of that, water jet cutting offers extreme versatility because it can cut just about any material with high precision. There are truly endless fabrication possibilities with the use of a water jet cutting system.

As mentioned, water jet cutting is highly versatile which means it is applicable for a wide range of applications.  Water jet cutting systems can fabricate metal, composites, stone and tile, foods, glass, paper products, rubber plastic, ceramics, stacked materials, thick materials, and more! Many industries can take advantage of the versatility that water jet offers including aerospace, automotive, energy, architecture, construction, oil and gas, transportation, agriculture, tool an ddie, and artistic.  Because there is minimal kerf with water jet cutting you are able to use your CAD/CAM software to tightly nest parts on your material sheets.  That means maximized production with minimized waste.  This not only saves time but money which will ultimately impact your business’ bottom line.  Because of that, water jet systems are able to offer a great return on investment with frequent use.

By investing in a water jet cutting system for your cutting needs, you are able to simplify your fabrication process by bringing your work in house.  That means that whatever application you intend to use your water jet system for will be able to be controlled by you for maximum versatility and quality.  You will be able to turn around cut parts very quickly and through enhanced speed and precision, your productivity and thus your profitability will increase.  Automated water jet cutting systems are a great investment for any shop because the application possibilities are virtually endless.  With a water jet cutting system, you will be able to excellently fabricate any materials you want while minimizing waste and maximizing productivity.