Waterjet Advantages

When it comes to metal fabrication, there is “more than one way to skin a cat,” so they say.  There are a variety of cutting mediums from which to choose and they each have their own unique advantages. For today’s purposes, we are discussing waterjet cutting.  The waterjet cutting systems produced by Machitech Automation provide versatility in a unitized system. Waterjet cutters are often compared side by side with laser cutters and, while they each have their own unique strengths, waterjet cutters do offer a number of advantages worth considering.

                  Machitech Automation waterjet cutters are specially designed for high precision cutting on a heavy unitized frame that can be increased in size as the customer’s needs grow.  They feature an innovative inverse rail system, bellows protection, and exceptional accuracy and cut quality. Waterjet table dimensions include 10’ x 5’, 12’ x 6’, 10’ x 20’, and custom dimensions.  Additionally, the frame can be increased in size as the customer’s needs grow.  Waterjet cutters provide exceptional accuracy and cut quality.  Rather than using a laser to cut, waterjets used high powered streams of water to cut.  Because it does not use heat, there is no concern of warping or damage to materials during the cutting process.  Waterjet cuts are exceptionally high quality, with little-to-no-dross.  Further, this cutting method provides exceptional cut precision.  If you are looking for a versatile cutting system, look no further than waterjet cutters.  They are capable of cutting almost any material because they use an erosion process – not only can it cut stainless steel and plastic, it can even cut laminated materials.  The waterjet systems produced by Machitech have a cutting speed of 0 to 500 IPM, related to process and power source.   It has a maximum traverse speed of 1400 IPM for fast positioning and processing of plate and the positioning accuracy is 0.001’’.  The table is capable of cutting materials with a thickness of up to 4’’.  Our waterjet systems are highly exceptional because they are constructed of incredibly durable and high quality materials and they also boast a variety of options that are often not available with other systems such as a camera, electronic raise/lower system, ink jet or dot peen marker, removable trays for easy cleanout, security system and more.  When considering what type of cutting system is best for your metal fabrication shop, it is important to consider the types of materials you cut, the volume of materials you cut, and what options you may desire to have in the future.  Waterjet cutting systems are incredibly versatile and flexible, capable of cutting a great deal of materials with exceptional precision and accuracy.